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Restaurants in Mississippi have been allowed to reopen their dining areas, but for some restaurants, it makes no financial sense to reopen a low-capacity dining area. Sherral's Diner in Carriere takes the orders, said owner Jeremy Helper, who said he doesn't plan to reopen the dining room.

Barajas said he felt that staff and customers were fine as long as the restaurant was on the cleaning list and following state guidelines. He said owners want to accept EBT, but for their business to qualify, the business must make at least 50 percent of its sales from fresh produce. Kovacevic said larger restaurants serving more dinner could be willing to reopen their dining rooms, such as Brother's Pride, which continues its business in Brother Pride's former home. Wearing masks and gloves was an adjustment for some employees, Baraja said, and restaurants would try to protect their employees or customers as much as possible.

In these difficult times, do not forget to check your dining options and operating hours before visiting the restaurant. My first stop is often Tony's Brick Oven Pizzeria, which runs through Gulfport for food. I often wonder if the stand is still going well - Googling the back of the restaurant, looking out over the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi, or even the Brandywine River. Orders have been plentiful since restaurants began offering family deals where customers can buy food in bulk.

When the shelter orders began, Barajas realized that they didn't have enough to do, and they didn't.

Since the dining room had only 74 seats at the beginning and the tables were only four metres apart, the restaurant would have shrunk to 34 people, and with the closure, the owners decided to remove part of it to create a deli shopping area. Kovacevic said the business originally started offering fresh meat and sausages, but now they want to expand that side of their business. The owners have already planned to renovate the facade of the house to reduce the size of the dining room and increase the number of fresh produce on offer, so they are continuing with this plan.

Many classic Italian dishes are offered, such as lasagne, macaroni and cheese, pizza, pasta and pasta are just some of the delicious offerings. Other options include the nearby area of the city, including the local grocery store, the Italian market or even the restaurant's own private parking.

s throw from US 49, this mid-range restaurant serves wood - heated, innovative pizza, but not to be confused with pasta. In this case, I'm referring to the pizza found in South Mississippi, like the pizzas, macaroni and cheese, lasagne, pasta and pasta and even the pasta itself.

Steak, seafood and other dishes are offered, and Stella's menu and décor are inspired by the northern Italian countryside. Incredibly, this region, known for seafood on a spit, has a restaurant that serves above-average Italian cuisine. This booth has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best fish stalls in the state of Mississippi.

When the dining room had to close, the restaurant had to cut staff and reopening would have meant extra staff. Barajas wasn't too nervous about getting sick himself, but he was concerned that customers were having more contact with other of his employees. The need to screen customers also preoccupied the helpers, although it was not clear what staff should do about it.

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