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W Mississippi State University (MSU) is just a short drive west, making Lake Lowndes State Park the perfect place to spend a football weekend at MS U while visiting the campus. Ole Miss is just 25 miles away, making it a perfect place to spend football weekends.

Ship Island is a popular fishing and rubber dinghy destination. Ship Island Excursions offers the opportunity to take a boat trip on Lake Lowndes or a kayak trip on the river in May weather. Take a walk along the pond journey to discover the diversity of life in the wetland habitat, visit the South Savanna exhibit to see carnivorous pitcher plants, and enjoy the wonders of the Pinecote Pavilion, a Mississippi landmark.

Treat your kids to a day at the beach in Gulfport or enjoy one of the many activities offered at the Mississippi State Museum of Natural History. Visit the Civil Rights Monument in Oxford and learn about the history of the area. You can also see the flowers in bloom in the square, visit the exhibition in the South Savannah and take a walk through the Pinecote Pavilion.

Visit the Oren Dunn City Museum to learn why Tupelo is home to the Mississippi State Museum of Natural History and how Lee County had to behave. The museum's collection is based on artifacts acquired in the early 20th century, as well as artifacts from the state archives, such as a collection of manuscripts, photos, maps and other documents, and a library of artifacts and documents from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH), which was founded in 1902. You will explore the history of the Mississippi Museum with a guided tour of its collections of historical artifacts, books, manuscripts and photos.

The museum also honors the contributions that Muslims have made to the state of Mississippi and the nation. The museum weaves the history of the Mississippi State Museum of Natural History and its collection of artifacts, books and documents to provide a comprehensive look at Mississippi's history, culture and heritage. There is no better way to honor military members than by visiting the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and the Hattiesburg Museum. It is the largest sports museum in the USA and the only one of its kind in Mississippi.

The museum is housed in an old building in downtown Greenville and presents the story of one of the greatest natural disasters our country has ever experienced.

The museum also has a great photo collection and a research library. The permanent collection of the museum is the largest of its kind in the United States and the world. Given the size of the objects it owns, the museum must show particular appreciation for those who have made it possible.

The Cullis and Gladys Wade Clock Museum at Mississippi State University College of Art and Design in Jackson, Mississippi, displays a collection of mostly American watches dating back to the early 1700s. The museum is operated under the auspices of the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., and the Smithsonian Institution.

The 128-acre Grand Village site is home to the American Association of Museums accredited museum, the Mississippi State Museum of Natural History and the Great Mississippi River Reconstruction. The Pinecote Pavilion, with its many wooden bridges that complement the lake, was designed by the award-winning architect Robert A.M. Sternberg to highlight both the artistic and functional aspects of the arboretum.

The Hattiesburg Convention Commission is working with partners such as the Mississippi State Museum of Natural History and the Great Mississippi River Reconstruction Museum to restore the building and its artifacts to a world-class museum. The Mississippi County Historical Society, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, preserves and disseminates information about the county's history, its people, and preserves it for the benefit of all Mississippi citizens, as well as the state and nation.

The mission of the museum is to increase and do charitable and good work in the state of Mississippi. The mission of the museum: The museum's mission is to increase understanding and appreciation of Hattiesburg's history and culture, as well as to provide charitable works within and beyond its borders, and to benefit all Mississippi residents.

The Regional Museum of the City of Amory is dedicated to the preservation, curation, archiving and provision of innovative educational programs celebrating the history and culture of Hattiesburg and its surroundings. The Mission of the Museum: Our mission is to collect and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of our city, region and Mississippi State. INFINITY is a non-profit science museum dedicated to providing its guests with a high quality, fun and fascinating learning experience. We educate and educate visitors in an enriching and entertaining way and have an interest in collecting and preserving historical artifacts from the Mississippi Delta, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and other states. SUE is an organization dedicated to educating visitors, preserving and promoting the history and culture of railroads in the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas.

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